Creating Daily Quality Links And Managing Your High Quality Network

high quality seo toolsCreating basic links from web 2.0s, article directories, social sharing and bookmarking sites, document sharing sites and such is very easy. All you have to do is sign up to them and put your link somewhere in the profile or the article. The only downfall here is that it usually requires a lot of your time. First of all registration takes some time to do, but if you really want your links to stick, then you also have to spend time updating your account. The management part takes a lot of time of internet marketers.

Doing all this manually is simply not an option if you value your time. So, the best solution is to sign up to a service that could efficiently keep track of all your backlinks. There are many different link creation tools out there but they are not all the same. In fact, many of those are really bad and can greatly hurt your rankings. Many people suggest getting a custom software, but that can cost more than $1000 plus monthly maintenance.

There were time when Senuke, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter and such tools rules SEO world. This has changed and those tools are not as effective at ranking sites anymore. Although they still can be used for creating links to your money site, one should be very careful when doing that! Nowadays these tools are mostly used for high tier backlinking.

As SEO changed, so have the tools. Nowadays you can find backlinking tools that create only high quality links.. They also make it very easy to manage all those backlinks and keep your accounts active. This new generation of software is much more safer to use as all the websites included are aged, with high PR on root domain, high SEOMOZ DA/PA and high MajesticSEO Citation/Trust flows. These software allows you to automatically create multiple accounts on different sites and automatically submit your content. All that usually takes about 15-20 minutes for the set up and then 5 minutes a day for creating daily links.

There is a great range of tools for keeping track of your accounts. These software make it very easy to classify your accounts by niche or by any other parameter you wish.

No matter what others say, from my experiments I can still say that these basic links work in terms of juice power and extra traffic. Don’t think about these links as mass links. Instead of creating hundreds of small one page blogs, create bigger properties and use custom tools to save yourself some time. See reviews of different kinds of software on popular internet marketing forums liks WarriorForum and BlackHatWorld.